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Ultradot Riflescopes

Ultradot, manufactured in Japan, offer a range of red dot scopes. They are widely recognised for offering a mix of quality, precision, and great value.

Below we have some quick descriptions of the Ultradot product range, and further below you can shop the entire range of Ultradot red dot scopes!                                                                     

Ultradot 25mm and 30mm - The original red dot sights offered by Ultradot. Rugged, reliable, accurate, and a favourite of shooters around the world.

Ultradot Matchdot - The Matchdot was designed for competition shooting by Camp Perry Champions and is the favorite of bullseye shooters everywhere.

Matchdot II - Bullseye has met it's match! The Matchdot II picks up where the original Matchdot left off with added versatility, BDC, two reticle patterns and improved appearance.

Ultradot 6 - Tactical meets practical. Finally, an Ultradot built for tactical shooters who want quality, precision and affordability. The Ultradot 6 fills the void.

Ultradot Pan AV - The Ultradot Pan A-V is engineered to give you the advantage of a Multi Reticled Red Dot sight in compact, lightweight, waterproof and shockproof design.

Ultradot L/T - The Ultradot L/T is a durable and compact red dot sight that uses push button brightness adjustment, auto off and brightness memory.